Sabtu, 15 November 2008

Artis Panas indonesia

Artis Bugil, Gambar Cewek Bugil, Andi Soraya Bugil
Andi Soraya he is one of the hot artists Indonesia

Artis bugil, Cewek Bugil, Dewi Persik Bugil
Dewi Persik. a singer who is now a Artis Panas, Not the artis Bugil ( Naked artis )

Artis bugil, Cewek Bugil, Wiwid Gunawan Bugil
Wiwid gunawan,Hot artist but Not artis Bugil or naked artis

Many artists of Indonesia become famous because his acting in the movie, one of the most prominent people in the know is on the hot movies are still many people interested in indonesia, Some famous of the Hot artist is wiwid Gunawan, Dewi Persik, and Andi Soraya, which according to your most heat?
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