Senin, 08 Maret 2010

Janda Muda Mulan Jameela

Artis panas news - as a widow, sctv music never felt isolated, she was sure one day will get a mate and the pair that fit. As a single parent with two children, Janda Muda had become parents mandiri.Namun so, Mulan stated that she still had on its nature.

"Indonesia has to generalize equality between men and women. Thank God I was a single parent benefit. Maybe if there was no equality, I do not have the free kelelulasaan to work, I kebebasaan family fight," Mulan said when met at Kebon Jeruk , West Jakarta, Monday (8 / 3).

On 8 March the World Women's Day. As a modern woman, very much appreciated Mulan claimed his rights. However, as women also continue to remember the nature.

"But personally I think, despite all the freedom that we can from this country, women's own nature. Still have to remember to mothers whose income is greater than her husband, it still should be under the husband," said Mulan.

He also put great attention to violence against women. Mulan hope that no more women who experience violence.

"Perjuangkanlah for the best treatment by the husband. Because Muhammad did not teach just rude to his wife. Women are also entitled to struggle to get love from her husband not to be tortured," said Mulan.

Artis panas indonesia met after the show mulan music at private TV station, he always felt optimistic and aware of the nature of women. mulan also felt comfortable with his current condition.
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