Jumat, 22 Januari 2010

Marshanda Family Hotel For Sale

Artis Panas. Sofyan Hotels Tbk PT (Marshanda Family Hotel), a company owned Riyanti Sofyan, the artist's own mother sold Marshanda Hotel Sofyan Cikini assets worth Rp 44.47 billion. But Marshanda mother could not be judged lightly.

"The hotel has two brothers and each had children who would inherit. And it must have sold it thinking of the management, mama's just one of komisarisnya. So it's not mama Marshanda capacity," said Lia, manager Marshanda detikhot when contacted by telephone, Friday (22/1/2010).

"Because that has not just mama aja. Should detail why the sale, because the hotel is not the company is not serious and not a rich legal or Warteg coffee shop," he added.

Problem management Hotel Sofyan who incurred debts, Lia did not know much. Neither question Marshanda role in Hotel Sofyan so far is not as manager.

"Because of his work as an artist helping with promotion hotels Television work," he explained.

According to Sofyan Hotels Corporate Secretary, Herman Himawan, funds from the sale Sofyan Hotel Cikini will be used to pay off debts to PT BNI Syariah worth Rp 15 billion and do renovations of two other corporate hotels worth Rp 19 billion.

Sofyan Hotels shareholders recently approved plans to sell one of the company's assets are located in the street Cikini Raya No. 79's. Herman says, the party became an asset buyer Sofyan Hotel Cikini is PT Cempaka Jaya authorities.may be a good step.
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