Kamis, 05 Maret 2009

Dheat Imut In Gossip

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Dhea Imut Alias Dhea Annisa

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Dhea Imut Is Very-Very Imut

sad news is being experienced by the former artist who now has beautiful uphill adults, Dhea Imut or Dhea Annisa receive the unpleasant gossip, tell he was in his Virgin sell to a producer, Gossip evil that has been hit very artists that just go the adult , other than the gossip about the video porno Dhea Imut, he also has the right to spread gossip naked self-image ( foto bugil dhea Imut )when his birthday yesterday.

Gossip is very sad from a new artist growing up, I hope the media exposure is not too cheap gossip like this, because it will disrupt psychology dhea Imut.
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