Sabtu, 02 Mei 2009

Rani Caddy Golf

Foto rani Caddy GOlf, Foto Rani Julianti, Foto Rani, rani istri nasrudin, Rani pacar Antasari

Rani Juliani, series Nasrudin's wife, worked as a caddy at ModernLand Golf, Tangerang. Women 22 years is known as the caddy is expensive and many dibooking officials. According Nurmalasari, to be able to get expensive in ModernLand caddy, a golf club or member shall not dive that little pocket. "To expensive caddy, Rp 500 thousand most inexpensive and most expensive on the Rp 1 million (one lap)," he added.

Rani Juliani now become big news in indopnesia, he estimated to be the cause of death nasrudin Dirut BUMN, who killed due to the shoot. Rani, Antasari Azhar(ketua KPK) and nasrudin dio suspect involved in love triangle scandal. Outstanding issue that also said that, Nasrudin is planning to spread the sordid video rani with Antasari Azhar (Video Mesum Rani dan antasari Azhar)

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