Rabu, 06 Januari 2010

Cinta laura Come back In Acting

Cinta laura have become icons of talented young artists, some of his acting in the film received a lot of people , Singers and movie stars Cinta Laura , now rarely seen on the screen. Apparently, cinta laura is reducing its activities in the entertainment world. Bloody German artist said that, he became the artist was just on the weekends.

"I call myself as an artist weekend, nothing should dikerjain weekend," cinta laura said when met at the Studio Penta, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Wednesday (6/1/2010) evening.

In addition to the weekend, cinta unwilling too busy keartisan world. He chose to study hard since the middle of preparing for college. The plan Jakarta International School students will enroll in major universities in the United States.

"So I diligently in school, for the shooting could not. This weekend aja aja song should be," he said.

For 16 years it was virgin, looking for money in the world of entertainment is not everything. He is a higher priority school and hanging out with family, rather than be busy filming.

On New Year's celebrations and even love are reluctant to accept a job offer. Soap star 'Upik Abu and Laura' was chosen to celebrate the New Year with his father and mother.

"Make me a special holiday, like Eid, Christmas and New Year, it was time for the same rilex family and friends. Not to perform," he said. (News From Pacar Sewaan To artis panas)
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