Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011

Agnes Renata dekat zian Zigaz

Still gossip in artis panas indonesia, about agnes renata. Having had time to release an album of children, Agnes Renata re-launched the latest songs. Agnes appears more teenagers and energetic with a song called Ordinary Women.

Artis Panas Indonesia
Previously, in 2007, a girl who is now aged 15 was never released an album titled children Jakarta Kampung Kite. After the album, Agnes vacuum for two years because of concentration in school.

"Now, Agnes emerged as a new singer. No longer a singer of children," said Agnes, when met with his manager, Jazzy, in the area of Gajah Mada, Jakarta, recently.

For starters, Agnes chose the song Ordinary Women the musical and the song is considered more suitable to the character and age of Agnes.

"If too much lovemaking love-song, I think not fit the same age Agnes. So love the general, not teralau Animashaun," said Jazzy, who is also the creator of the song Ordinary Women.

Ordinary Woman Agnetha song sung by pop-rock feel with music is thick with the color bands.

"The music was upbeat pop-rock, do not wear melow. Because children's age she's more pleased with the cheerful music," continued Jazzy.

After a single woman Normal, Agnes was getting ready to launch a new single, which secured more going great.

"The plan would Zian Zigaz duet together. We've talked to Zia, and he's really interested. Hopefully, we'll see the progress of the song Ordinary Woman," says Jazzy comment about agnes renata.
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