Senin, 19 Oktober 2009

Cathy Sharon Dekati Ridho Rhoma

Artis Panas cathy sharon was reported near Ridho rhoma, this news did come a few months ago, but now the news comes back. Some time ago rumor had heard the news when Cathy Sharon was approached Ridho Rhoma. Although the news was widely enough sound, but neither Cathy and Modern are both deny the truth of the news.

cathy sharon
But the latest news circulating indicate if Cathy is currently trying to familiarize himself with the Rhoma Irama which is actually a father Ridho. This next photograph is one of the proof. Because the relationships and Modern Cathy began to lift.

Ridho younger than seven years it's Cathy sharon had refused to do with these beautiful presenter. But a source who wished to remain anonymous claims can provide evidence of other photographs that show the closeness the two of them.

Cathy and Ridho itself reportedly covered their relationship because Wahab did not want his son dating a woman of different religions. Cathy and until now still can not Ridho for comment. I hope his relationship really serious for the two artists are on the rise.
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