Minggu, 25 Oktober 2009

Janda Panas Mulan Jameela

News about wedding siri Ahmad Dhani and Mulan Jameela seemed endless. Different because both human sexes are often brushed off the news. Dhani sometimes floating answers as noted preachers, while Mulan was reluctant to say about it.

Mulan Jameela Bugil
So that these rumors have not colored gray alias. Yet privately, the former Estianty Maia's husband admitted that he had no problem if the rumor is still circulating. Because he was aware of such rumors is a consumption society.

"It's okay yes we are already digosipin. Yes there is usually nothing we enggak digosipin with artis panas. That's the rumor made for public consumption. I do not

same immune only gossip but I'm numb as witchcraft, "he said and smiled.

He added that news that blow siri marriage was also considered as a character assassination attempt by a party who does not like with him.

"It was when I married siri digosipin initially thought would kill my career was not and now I just relax," he continued.

Dhani also stated that he did not have to prove the truth of the news. He handed the community assessment. "Biarin aja, Ahmad Dhani and mulan have problem with maia estianti janda panas and meychan.
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